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Polychromatic screen printing is an excellent technique for quilters, textile artists, watercolorists, painters, monoprinters, screen printer, or anyone interested in obtaining multiples from one painted image on paper or fabric. Why labor over one painting when you can paint once and get multiples? The innovative process of polychromatic screen printing results in a limited edition from the original painted screen -- with no color registration. Similar to an extended monoprint process that produces 4-6 prints from a single painted image. With this process, all the colors in an image are painted on a single print screen, then printed on fabric or paper with one pull of the squeegee. No solvents used. For all levels of ability. If you are a watercolorist, fabric painter, screen printer, or just interested, you will benefit from this inventive process.


J o y  S t o c k s d a l e


July 22, 2018, Sunday, 9:30am - 4:30pm, $80

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Art at the Source open studio.June 2019

Or call 707-829-1756 or email to make an arrangement to visit the studio.


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 Artistry in Fiber: Wall Art (book), Schiffer Publishing, 2017

Dimensional Cloth (book), by Andra F. Stanton, Schiffer Publishing, 2018



Freehand Gallery
8413 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA

The Passdoor, Barlow Center, Sebastopol CA

Joy Stocksdale Fiber Artist